Our Experience

Our Experience

Our residential property management division is predominantly a portfolio of executive homes and luxury apartments together with quality investment properties.

Under Tanya Ellis, we are totally committed to ensuring our landlords and tenants enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are dealing with a company culture of absolute commitment to responsibility.

Our highly personalised level of service and the benefits of our professionalism and culture are reflected in our reputation in the market place - not only amongst our property owners but also amongst the executive relocating groups, our industry competitors and our tenants alike.

We enjoy very close links with the oil and gas sector which drives the corporate rental market in Perth and particularly with the groups who represent this sector's executive employees when they are relocating. These groups rely on us to offer them executive quality homes and the excellent working relationship established between us over many years is extremely beneficial to our clients.

This long standing association and experience ensures that your property is marketed very effectively, that vacancies are filled quickly and that corporate lease agreements are very professionally negotiated by us on our owner's behalf.

Most of our own landlord clients are from the corporate sector, and rely on us to lease their valuable family homes when they accept overseas postings. This is a very exacting and highly specific form of property management and this is the area in which we specialise and excel.

If you need your valuable property managed by a fully accountable and highly professional management group and you don't want it to be lost in some agency's large mixed bag of rental properties being managed by an overloaded property manager, then come to the agency that specialises in executive properties and high quality management.

Our Property Management Team

Tanya Ellis

Tanya Ellis

Manager, Executive Properties

0438 281 204 (08) 9388 9951

Tanya heads up the Agency's Executive Residential Property Management Division and brings almost 20 years of Executive & Corporate leasing experience to this position.  Tanya specialises in the executive home/corporate leasing market and has guided this very successful portfolio over a very long period of time.  She is thoroughly dedicated to the interests of our executive property owners in this role and enjoys a very prominent position in this specialised market place.

Tanya has built up a highly committed and very skillful team of Property Management professionals to provide one of the very best levels of management services available in Perth.  The stability of her team, their longevity and the continuity of the service being provided is rare in management groups and is testament to the very hands on involvement Tanya has always maintained with the portfolio and her team.  The reliability of the dedicated and professional service being provided is exemplified by the very many satisfied and loyal clients who continually utilise and refer her services.

Joanne Walker

Joanne Walker

Leasing Manager

0438 256 822 (08) 9388 9951

Jo provides a unique service to our clients which is rarely available at other agencies and that is the provision of a dedicated Leasing Manager. Jo's sole and totally dedicated function for Ellis Corporate is to lease our properties as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tenants have direct access to Jo both during and outside office hours to arrange a convenient viewing times at the earliest convenience. This service of course provides a huge advantage over most agencies where the Property Manager also does the viewings and leasings. Under those circumstances the viewings are normally conducted at the agency's convenience and more often than not are a once a week opening of the property for 15 minutes. The benefits to our owners by having a dedicated Leasing Manager who can fit in with the prospective tenants' schedules are very clear ensuring that your property is leased  quickly and efficiently.

This individual service also gives Jo the opportunity to make one on one contact with a prospective tenant and to establish that vital connection which assists us to make a judgement of their potential as satisfactory tenants. It is particularly beneficial to our corporate tenants whose time is very limited and restricted and who very often cannot fit in with a once a week opening of a property. The provision of this very flexible service to our corporate tenants is another reason why this sector chooses and prefers to use us and more often than not sees them place applications for our properties ahead of others where access is inflexible.

Jo is also a licensed Property Manager who has been with Ellis Corporate for 9 years which ensures her handling of the Application process is highly efficient and very professional. She maintains very close and harmonious relationships with the Relocation Groups who represent the corporate sector tenants who all acknowledge that her skills and understanding of the market translate into very satisfactory outcomes for their corporate clients. Another reason why they prefer to work with Ellis Corporate and place their clients in our properties.

Jo herself has experienced re-location and has lived as an ex-pat overseas. This empathy with our corporate tenants further contributes to the comfortable feeling this sector has with our Agency and is another benefit to our clients resulting in better and faster outcomes in the leasing of their properties.

Having a dedicated Leasing Manager is just one more service available at Ellis Corporate which sets us apart.

Brenda Heath

Brenda Heath

Trust Accountant / Office Manager

(08) 9388 9951

Brenda is our Trust Account and Office Manager who comes to us with over 30 years of  Financial and Real Estate Sector experience.

Brenda has worked in Property Management since arriving from South Africa in early 2011. Her attention to detail ensures that our client’s handled with great care and that the monthly statements are accurately and meticulously prepared.

She is always available to assist our clients with any instructions or  queries relating to their statements. Brenda is a fantastic addition to the Property Management Division as she oversees the general administration of our office and maintains a tight connection with all of the properties in our portfolio thereby assisting her further with the management of the Trust Account.